You are throwing money away and you may not know it

Shopping at the supermarket, paying the bills at the end of the month, and even cooking was never so difficult (and expensive), right? What was bought for R$100.00 two years ago, now, I dare say that you can’t buy half of it – if you still don’t know what’s impacting the price of things and, consequently, your pocket, in this post I’ll explain all right. 


And if I tell you that, in addition to paying dearly, you could be throwing your money down the drain (and I’m not just talking about what goes away with the water) will it hurt? Well, it should, Me Poupeira! and Saver Me! Today, I’m going to slap you in the face of wealth and show you five products that you must be using the wrong way and that’s why you’re spending and not saving so much. 

Stay, they’ll have valuable tips for your pocket!

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I really care about your shit (financial, calm down!). Tell the truth, how many turns you go around on the paper just to clean yours, well, whatever: 1 meter of paper might be enough for a trip to the bathroom, you know? If in your house they are spending more than they should, try leaving pieces that have already been cut and organized at your family’s disposal and you will see that the duration will not be the same.



I’ll try to guess, you always give up on buying this type of product because it runs out too quickly, right? But if the time it lasts, in your hand, is less than what is described on the package (yes, this information is on the package), I’m sorry to tell you, my pupil and my pupil, but the problem is not with him but, LIKE YOU! 

“But Spare Me!, what am I doing wrong?” Simple, placing right in the palm of your hand. The ideal, for this type of soap, is always to use a sponge, putting only the amount equivalent to the size of a R$1.00 coin, and thus, with the foam, take your bath and be happier (and richer).


This one really changed my life and I’m sure it will change yours. Do you know what people’s big mistake when washing dishes? Put the detergent in the sponge!

“But Spare Me!, how am I going to wash if I don’t put the detergent on the sponge?” Easy, putting the same amount, only in a 300ml pot of water. By diluting, you can use the same amount you used to clean just a few pieces, to end ALL the dirty sinks. In this way, a package that would last about 12 dishes can last up to 48. 


EXTRA TIP: the recommended duration of a sponge is 15 days. But, with the thinking of a millionaire mind, you can make it last twice as long and CALM, it’s not using more time than it should. How about cutting it in two, huh? The first part you use in the first two weeks of the month and the second in the last. You’re welcome! 

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Another big mistake you can make just by not reading the package directions is using more disinfectant than you should. No, you shouldn’t throw it straight to the ground, as this will only make you spend more of your money and product. As with almost all cleaning products, there is the right amount for use. And, instead of throwing it directly on the ground, the ideal would be to dilute it in a bucket of water. 

Do you want to get a sense of how this act could be making you lose money (a lot)? Think that 1 liter of disinfectant costs R$10.00, for every 100ml thrown on the floor, you are spending R$1.00. Let’s say that instead of diluting it in water, as indicated, you throw everything straight on the floor. This means that every time you wipe with this amount, you rub R$1.00 in each room. Now, using it correctly, with that same amount, you could be cleaning an entire house, up to 10 rooms.


Last but not least, answer me: you gorge yourself on toothpaste, right? If so, I believe they haven’t told you yet, but I’m here to help you: no, you don’t need to. For a good brushing, it is not necessary to fill the entire brush space, as it may seem. The ideal amount is that which fills the brush, the space equivalent to a pea. Apply this tip and you will see how much time it will take to replace what was used up in a few days.




No, there’s a lot more where these tips came from. Today you can still do a Nathflix and discover a zillion pieces of information that will transform your life, and not just your financial one, forever. For starters, I’ve separated some contents to help you also with the daily bread savings:

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