Why is it necessary to have an emergency reserve? July 26th | 2021

There is no lack of reasons to have a separate amount of money to use when faced with surprises and emergencies, right?! Discover 5 excellent incentives to set up an emergency reserve now, in addition to life’s unforeseen events!


Por Me Poupe!

Can you imagine having spare money to make that desired trip or the wedding party you always wanted? And having money to buy something you’ve wanted for a long time: a new car, an apartment, or land to build a house in the country. Sounds like a dream, right? But PAY ATTENTION: what if, instead of getting into debt to do these things, you planned better to achieve them by paying fairer values ​​and using time as an investment?

“Oops, Spare Me! I liked this idea! Say more?!”

I say everything and more, my Money Ranger! Because the chat today is to tell you why it is necessary to have an emergency reserve, in addition to the unforeseen events of life!




Let’s start with the basics! That it is important to save money to prevent the scares of life, even your grandmother already told you that! And she’s right: in times of stress and surprises (unpleasant or not), having money saved is essential to get through these moments. So, let’s say the main reason for making an emergency reserve is to have money to use in situations of need, right?! “But, Spare Me! You keep telling me not to keep money in savings”! Calm down, guys! This saved money doesn’t need – and shouldn’t – stay in Savings. And it’s fair from this point that I want to show other reasons for having an emergency reserve. Ah, if you still have questions about what an emergency reserve ishere I explained it all right.


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A NATION that makes an emergency reserve does not want war with anyone

Before listing the reasons for making an emergency reserve, I’ll bring you some very important data, which shows that a good part of the population is already aware of this. Thank you! A study by fintech Neon (which gathers information from the country’s main digital accounts) revealed that more Brazilians and Brazilians set up an emergency reserve during the pandemic, despite the difficulties caused by it – and precisely because of it! The number of people who raised money to form an emergency reserve jumped from 44% in April 2020 at the start of the pandemic to 57% in June 2021.





5 reasons to encourage building an emergency reserve

1. Going through turbulent times: like a pandemic, which has lasted 1 year and a half!

Are you suddenly unemployed? Did you know that you or someone in your family will need to undergo lengthy health treatment? Got pregnant and don’t have a steady job? Did the car crash and he didn’t have insurance to fix yours and the other car (or is he broke to pay the deductible)? I would pass posts and more posts just mentioning the infinite situations of emergencies that come by surprise in everyone’s life… But I only raise these to state the obvious: the emergency reserve (which is made up of an amount equivalent to at least six months of your cost of living), is for you not to be totally helpless in an emergency!


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2. Quit the job you no longer want

There is an English term, “between jobs” (between jobs, in Portuguese), which defines well the moment when a person is between one job and another, but without necessarily being in this situation because he was fired. She may have left a job willingly to look for new jobs and pursue other professional challenges. So what Auntie Spare Me! that is to say, if you choose to change, you can say goodbye to the group at the firm and head into the “between jobs” space-time.

“Wow, Spare Me! Now or already? I can’t stand my boss anymore”!

Hey, little thing: CALM. Before returning the company’s badge and signing off with the CLT, I ask you: do you have an emergency reservation? Oh no? Then: SAFE! And watch this video that Nath explains very well what whoever wants to ask for the bills needs to do to set up his FOOT IN THE ASS RESERVE, in six months! Ah, she also takes the step by step on how to make this decision, ok? Accepted!


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3. Live off freelance

Only someone who is a freelancer (self-employed) knows the pain and delight of being what he is… Another thing he also knows – but rarely has – is the stability that a fixed salary and benefits such as unemployment insurance, paid holidays and FGTS usually offer. So, setting up an emergency reserve is part of this professional’s list of challenges, as it is just that it will save when something goes out of schedule: the client delays the payment of the job, the computer shuts down out of nowhere, he needs to go away to do emergency surgery, etc. For those who are freelancers and have identified themselves, here I tell about the difficulties that self-employed workers have to set up the emergency reserve and I give practical tips to help change and improve service provision contracts.



4. Avoid debt accumulation

This is a classic. If you’ve been through this, LISTEN TO ME! And start, once and for all, building your emergency reserve. Many people, at the sign of the first debt, make another debt to pay the first debt. Then, you start paying interest to honor the loan you made. And behold, another debt is born… and another… and another… So, when that person sees, he is in debt and without emergency reserve! In other words: Fu-#@-da! But by taking the stance of saving money to build an emergency reserve, this person automatically avoids the accumulation of debt, as his mind already treads the paths of prosperity and financial independence.


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5. Encourages you to invest (and automatically preserve your own reserve)

Never has the saying “one hand washes the other” made so much sense. Imagine that the reserve of money on the one hand and the willingness to invest on the other hand. Did you imagine? So: the emergency reserve is essential for those who want to invest, and if you thought that the emergency reserve should be kept in a savings account, you MISSED. The best place for an emergency reserve to stay – and grow! – it is in one (or several) investments! That you didn’t know, did you? And I say more: you can save your emergency investment reserve!  Sensational, right?! Here I tell which gives to save INVEST the emergency reserve, without having problems to rescue money if you need it immediately.


Well, before I finish, I share this warm Poupecast about emergency booking!

In this episode, Nath Arcuri talks about why you have it and how to assemble it, whether for self-employed people or newlyweds; explains the risks of confusing private pension and emergency reserve, among other things. Then he calls his daughter, son, wife, husband, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, father-in-law, aunt, grandfather, sister, friend, and friend. Call even the dog! But listen and stay on top of everything! And, please, start your emergency reservation now….


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