Where to invest in the stock exchange with a high Selic?

Learn to analyze sectors and companies in the stock market. Taking into account the signals that the market gives is the first step to know how to evaluate and make decisions with confidence.


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TEXT alert! The only way to know what to do with the money when investing in the stock market is to study, acquire knowledge and follow the main economic indicators, and analyzes what the market offers daily.

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The numbers don’t lie, never

One of these market analyzes I mentioned above is the one that Professor Eduardo Mira does every Monday, breaking down the data released by the Focus Bulletin. Our variable income expert and CNPI analyst draw a parallel between updated economic indicators such as the IPCA (real inflation), the GDP, the dollar, and the Selic rate, and the forecasts of these same indicators for the coming years.

And why is tracking this important? Because only taking into account these signals that the market gives is it possible to safely assess and make decisions.

“Yeah, Spare Me! Really… There is so much information and so much difficult to understand, that we are not sure if we are making the right choice when investing money”.



Selic, the “mother rate” of the economy

So here we go! The “mother rate” of the economy, the Selic, is super in fashion – I mean, in the heights, because it rose for the 4th consecutive time and the market perspectives are that it will continue to increase.

So, I’m going to reflect here some investments in variable income that Professor Mira talked about in this Poupecast about opportunities on the stock exchange with the highest Selic.

In this episode, Mira and another guest CNPI analyst, Daniel Nigri, analyzed the best sectors and companies listed on the stock exchange for you to raise your awareness of the high Selic rate.

But, PAY ATTENTION: investments vary from person to person, as everything depends on the profile of each investor and the goals of each one. I’m just here to help get you there!😉


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Interest rate x share pricing

The change in the interest rate (Selic) changes the pricing of shares and fixed income, and several sectors have their performance impacted, including considering other associated reasons (consumption habits, inflation, dollar, etc.). With the high Selic, one of the sectors impacted (negatively) is civil construction.


Sectors with good performance in 2021

The ideal is to take into account the performance of sectors over a period of 10 years and contextualize it with the moment the market is going through (look at Selic, guys!). Considering a shorter period and more specifically that of the coronavirus pandemic, the sectors that are well impacted and can be looked at more closely this year are banks (large ones), insurance companies, and the electricity (some companies) and sanitation sectors.

A tip that never gets old is to understand if that sector and/or company is solid and to think in the long term. An action that has a value today probably had a different value in the past and will certainly have another in the future. It is always good to keep in mind that stock investment is a long-term investment.




Research Houses

There are currently 400 to 450 companies listed on the stock exchange! So, analyzing them all turns out to be an almost impossible mission. For those who still don’t feel safe to decide, but want to improve on the best investments, a way out can be to turn to research houses, which make investment analysis reports, buy and sell recommendations, as well as explanations and guidance on stocks.


“The most foolish theory”

Similar to the hot potato game, the “foolest theory” is a move made among investors who believe that by buying a certain stock that does not yield results, they will be able to sell this more expensive stock in the future to a “foolish” investor “, and so on. In other words, shares are bought based on trying to sell more to other people, and not on results. So, it’s good to keep an eye on the recommendations that pop up out there!

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