Smart consumption is synonymous with economy!

Innovating when saving money can be a difficult task. But reinventing the way to consume can help to save. If you’re looking for an easy and safe way to make your money worth more, this post is for you! 

Por Me Poupe!


How many things did you buy in the last 10 days? Every day, we are driven to purchase goods or take home new products and launches of infinite brands, have you noticed that? Of your recent purchases, how many do you think will be long-lived and how many are you likely to get bored with, drop or replace with new models in the coming months?




And from this total of purchases, which ones do you consider were cost-effective and which ones you paid a considerable price and in a while it will already be undervalued?


“Virge, Spare Me! What a strange conversation… What does it have to do with what I buy with this many questions?”


Calm down, I’ll explain it very well, my pupil and my pupil! But first of all, I want to say that it’s okay to buy and acquire new products, okay? But did all those things you bought have to be brand new and unused? Or could you buy that second-hand fridge or sofa, for a much cheaper price?

Have you ever stopped to think that a used item has – amazing! – the same functionality as a new item? The real thing is, it doesn’t have to be new if it’s new to you! The most important difference is just one: it is cheaper. This is called smart consumption and with it, your financial life can be much calmer!


#PRATODOSVEREM: Nath Arcuri with his hands on his head saying “WOW”


innovate = save


I know that innovating when saving money can be a difficult task. At these times, you have to be smart to reinvent habits and save money, making your hard-earned money pay off more.

Remember the other day I gave you tips on how to make extra income by selling used objects from your neighborhood and your family, offering curation, and negotiating commission for it? In the same way that you can make money by passing on these products that are in good condition, but not in use, you can also save money by purchasing semi-new products – instead of buying everything new.


Washed it, it’s new! And nature thanks!


Changing consumption habits can help to save. When you take this idea forward, you can see the transformation in your financial life. And do you know why? Because buying used items is cheaper and smarter. In addition, by clinging to a semi-new item at OLX, you also contribute to the environment, preventing more pollutant emissions on the planet. In other words: it is a change of habit with great results!

Smart spending 


When you become a consumer or a more conscious and intelligent consumer, you will automatically have more money to use on other fronts: be it building your emergency reserve, investing in fixed income, or even planning the realization of big dreams. Get ready that I have separated here all the benefits and solutions of OLX to make the process of this change even more efficient.


“Oh, Spare Me! I don’t know… but I think it’s difficult, it’s dangerous, we get so limited”!


WHERE, creature? With OLX Safe Shopping, the opposite is true. In addition to the security guarantee, you have all the freedom and ease to choose an item, negotiate, haggle, clear your doubts and even receive it at home, with part of the shipping paid by OLX! Just get attached, without fear of being happy!


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At OLX, with Secure Purchase, the buyer or buyer is guaranteed to receive the product as advertised, or money back. Seriously: How could a deal like this go wrong? The Compra Segura delivery solution already guarantees security!




When searching for the products, it is already possible to see that the desired item is found at a more affordable price, and can be negotiated directly with the seller on the platform chat, to download it even more. It is a way to save without having to give up the desired product, with the same functions and at a lower price.



With Compra Segura, OLX expanded the way to shop, with delivery to any part of Brazil. Let’s agree that there is no need to leave the house to buy products, and can you ask the seller everything online, without having to go to him? You find the product you want, no matter how specific, and you can receive it at home.



Used items have the same functions as new items, and all product details can be consulted with the seller via chat. The only – and pleasant – the difference is the lower price!

So, here’s the tip: open your mind and before buying anything, search OLX and search for items used in Safe Shopping. Often, a simple change in attitude makes a big difference in financial life!




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