New readjustment in the electricity bill and discount program? I’ll explain to you what’s going on!

You might be wondering “Wow, Spare Me!, but haven’t you talked these days about the price of the electricity bill? I’ve already noticed that it’s all about the time of death”, yes, Me Poupeira! and Me Poupeiro!, I really didn’t want to be here to tell you, AGAIN, but yes, your electricity bill will increase (again).

Por Me Poupe


That Brazil is going through a water crisis and that this is even affecting the price of what we eat is no longer a secret to anyone. Specialists risk saying that this is the biggest in the last 90 years – if you still don’t understand what’s going on and this subject is still a secret for you, run here in this post , which I’ve told you everything in detail.

To get an idea of ​​the gravity of the situation, yesterday, the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) announced the creation (that’s right, it never existed) of a new tariff flag, the so-called ‘water scarcity’ tariff flag.


But, after all, what does this have to do with your pocket? 


The tariff flags are independent energy tariffs, added to the value of your bill, according to the energy generation conditions in the electricity sector – good, it’s not going well, right, my daughter?


In case, this means that the R$9.49 that had been added, by the tariff flag, to your account for the consumption of each 100 kWh, has just increased to R$14.20 with the arrival of the new flag. Sorry to tell you, my pupil and my pupil, but with this, your electricity bill can be up to 7% more expensive. 

“Save me! HELP! I’m still lost and I don’t understand anything. How much more will my account get?”


Calm down, I’ll translate! Let’s say that the monthly energy consumption in your home is R$60.00adding the value of the tariff flag valid at the time (red flag 2), the bill would be, until then, at R$69.49. Now, with the value of the new flag, in the example, it will cost R$74.20.

Did I hear about: DISCOUNT program? 


Yes, it’s not a rumor! With the increase in the bill, the government also created an incentive program, which will basically work like this: there will be a R$0.50 discount per kWh for those who reduce energy consumption, between September and December, by 10% to 20%, compared to with the same period last year. 


HOWEVER, there is something I need to tell you: do you know where the money will come from to pay for this discount? Nothing more, nothing less than YOUR pocket – the amount to fund this bill will come from the System Service Charge (ESS), a rate that is already charged in the energy tariffs of all consumers.


“Oh, Spare Me!, so it’s not even worth it, right? So wanting to mess with me” If it was a discount for traveling, buying a snack or even a car: NO, maybe it wouldn’t even be worth it! But, in this case, reducing energy consumption, with or without an incentive program, is the only solution to do what, in the end, is what matters most for the moment: saving.

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