How to make big money doing what you love!

Love, work, and money can coexist in perfect harmony, none of which need to be left out or demonized. Some simple attitudes can help those who want to start expanding the possibilities of earning more money without having to change the profession they love so much and even charge more for services. Check out 5 discoveries to give this match!



Por Me Poupe!

There is a saying, attributed to the Chinese philosopher and thinker Confucius, which goes: “Choose a job that you love and you won’t have to work a single day in your life”. Did you already know this phrase?

“Yes, Spare Me! But I’ll return it with another saying: ‘if work was good, no one would charge for it!”

Look at the miscreation, creature! Well, I’m going to polemic and agree and disagree with you at the same time, Padawan of finance. First, because it depends on the reference: if you are not heiress or heir of a millionaire family, you need to work to survive. So maybe it would be good to look at work with more affection. <3




Second, because love, work, and money can coexist in perfect harmony, none of which need to be left out or demonized. After all, love with money is fine, but without money, it’s certainly not so cool. Working with money is great, but without love, it’s not the best thing in life either. So, this is where Auntie Spare Me! wants to arrive: work + love + money = reality. And enjoy: it’s never too late to turn the key and review concepts and prejudices, and use them to your advantage!




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Mepoupeira! and Mepoupeiro!, before starting to talk about how to do what you love, and still earn a lot of money, I leave a super useful tip, in case you still have doubts about this equation work + love + money. In this article by Nath, she talks about how making peace with money can change your life!

“OK, Spare Me! All right between me and the money! It would be really cool to make more money doing what I love!”

Enough dropped a tear of emotion! Here we go: if you have a formal contract, are self-employed or self-employed, undertake a small business, are a businessman or public servant, always keep in mind that your job is your business. And if you have kept the wildest dreams that anyone could have in that little heart, think, yes, as someone autonomous and work harder to conquer them! In this way – and following a few steps towards financial independence – it is possible to achieve your financial goals.




Money doesn’t grow on a tree, but it’s the fruit of your talent

Be it a musician, a lawyer, an artisan, or a masseuse… A doctor, a public servant, or a pharmacy owner… It doesn’t matter what you do. If you love what you do and would not like to give up your occupation, but still think you cannot be successful or financially successful with it, know that you can! The secret to this: open up the range of possibilities!

Your profession and your talent can be expanded, making you start doing various things and thus generating new sources of income. Some simple attitudes can help those who want to start expanding the possibilities of earning more money without having to change the profession they love so much and even charge more for services. We asked Nath to talk about these five discoveries, in this video.

And this video is so rich, but so rich, that I decided to put a summary about it here.


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Adding value to your talent

What does that mean? Look at your profession as a channel that can link your skills to the results you would like to achieve with your talent (beyond money). “Wow, Spare Me! But how do I find it?” Is not difficult. To help, I’ll put some questions here: What makes your heart beat faster in the entire universe that involves your work? When you decided to pursue this profession, what did you envision? What is your professional dream? What are your goals with your work? By creating reflections from these questions and answers, you will already be creating value for your talent. Then, it will be possible to look for alternatives to carry out your work considering new possibilities.


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Establish quality standards for your services

By defining parameters about your work, you will be able to enter criteria to ensure the quality delivery of the services or products you offer. The result will be, at the very least, customer satisfaction, loyalty, spontaneous disclosure, increased workflow, and remuneration. And beware: establish these criteria and work to raise your standard.


seek inspiration

When looking for successful references within the area in which you work, you get inspired, motivated, learn and improve your professional performance. Be it people, products, causes, services, everything can be “studied” to inspire.


#PRATODOSVEREM: Nath Arcuri saying “Anyone who warns you is a friend”


Know how to measure your value

One way to find out is to go the other way around, that is: identify what should not be done and what is considered “wrong” within your area, and avoid doing it. So, he asks that question: “Want to do it? He does! Is it a good tone? Nah. It’s not good manners”! Avoiding exposure is half the way to passing the exams of professional life and “valuing your pass”. And by knowing the value of your work, you can know how to charge better for your services and products. Here’s the tip!


Expand products and services to earn more

The more products and services you offer, the more money you get. By creating novelties within your professional universe, taking advantage of your potential and your talent, more business will be made and more revenue will be generated.

So, I hope you enjoyed this super recipe to continue doing what you love, earning lots of money. The key to success: work + love + money!


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