Can you safely simplify your financial life with WhatsApp? YES! And I’ll tell you how!

Practical and safe, the WhatsApp payments tool uses biometrics, facial recognition, and password to be used. Security mechanisms, rules, and how to use it: find out how this novelty of the most famous conversation app in the country works.


Por Me Poupe

It is not today that things have become more simplified. We just have to think about life, such as making an online appointment at a public agency, scheduling exams, and medical appointments, downloading bills directly from the city hall website, researching and shopping for supermarkets on the internet, chatting with groups of friends, and making calls video with the family via WhatsApp, etc.

Only who is not Me Poupeira! and Saver Me! you still don’t know that taking advantage of technology to make your day-to-day easier is synonymous with savings, right?


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And as “shrimp that sleeps the wave takes” and my mission is to help clarify all doubts, so that you have more knowledge, time, and security to be able to put your plans into practice in a simpler way, I’ll talk about a novelty that you You must have already seen, that it is about making and receiving payments through WhatsApp! And as auntie here never gave you a bad tip, I’ll start right from the beginning and most importantly: it‘s PRACTICAL and SAFE, as it was created with several security mechanisms!


“Oh, oh, oh, Spare Me! Here you come with these modernities… Is it? Tell me more then!”


But of course! After all, every millionaire’s apprentice needs to know about the people of Paraná, even to guide friends and family, and protect themselves from enemies! So, pay attention and get to know how this new tool from the most famous conversation app in the country works. Have you thought about sending a card and receiving money in return?😉


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How to use the WhatsApp payment tool



– To use the new functionality, the application uses biometrics, facial recognition, and password. If someone unluckily steals your cell phone or clones your WhatsApp, they will not have access to your bank details and registered debit card, as the access key for payment via WhatsApp is precisely these security mechanisms. So, pay attention: protect your password and your data! Our technological expert Fernando Jobs explains how to protect your data on the internet.

– Thinking about ensuring YOUR own security, put a strong password! This is basic, but it’s very common to see people out there – it’s not your case, right, my ward and my ward? – registering easy and obvious passwords.


#PRATODOSVEREM: Nath Arcuri, hands on his head, looking like he suddenly understood something.



– Payment limit up to BRL 1,000.00 per transaction 

– It is possible to receive up to 20 transactions per day

– Per month, it is possible to receive a maximum of R$5,000.00

– No fees are charged to make payments within WhatsApp 


Who can I pay and who can I get money from

– You can make and receive payments to and from people who are in your WhatsApp calendar (from people to people). For the time being there is no shopping functionality.


How to register

– You must have a debit card registered both to pay and receive money through WhatsApp. This registration only needs to be done once and then it is automatic.

– If any payment is made to a contact who does not have a debit card registered, after two days the money returns to the account of the person who paid. In this case, the person who is going to receive the money can register the debit card through notification of payment receipt.

– The banks and brands accepted, for the time being, are: Banco do Brasil Visa, Banco Inter Mastercard, Bradesco Visa, Itaú Mastercard, Mercado Pago Visa, Neon Visa, Next Visa, Nubank Mastercard, Santander Mastercard, Sicredi Mastercard and Visa, Woop Visa.

– Log in to WhatsApp –> Settings –> Payments –> Facebook Pay –> Continue –> Read and accept information and recommendations –> Create a PIN (strong password!) -> Include biometrics and facial identification –> Fill in personal data –> Enter debit card data –> Perform debit card security check (in this step, you choose whether you prefer to do it via your bank’s App or phone call to your bank)




And as the aunt here is more like the mother, I asked Nath to record this video SHOWING all this and doing all these steps, step by step, explaining it well. Speak seriously?

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