Are you going to set up your virtual store? Read this text first!

I talked to the staff at Loja Integrada, who are super specialists in eCommerce, and brought some tips for you to get your idea off the ground.

Por Me Poupe!


Attention, Saver Me! and Saver Me! If that day of putting some ideas into practice has arrived and you are about to start building a business, read this text to the end, as it will demystify some things! Perhaps your first thought when dreaming of setting up a virtual store is: “I even wanted to open an online business, but having e-commerce is expensive”!

Calm down, calm down! Auntie is here to show that things are not quite like that.


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Let’s start at the beginning! First, change the tense of your thinking, you didn’t “want to open an online business”, you “will open an online business”!

Second, you need to consider a few things before opening your official real eCommerce.  

That’s why I talked to the staff at Loja Integrada, who are super specialists in eCommerce, and brought some tips for you to get your idea off the ground.

So pay attention and let’s go!


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Think first: what are you going to sell? 


Yes, it sounds obvious, but the obvious almost always needs to be said! A catchphrase to show that choosing your product is, yes, the first step. After all, this choice influences everything that comes after.

In the same way that there are types of physical stores for certain products, it is also like this on the internet. Imagine selling chocolate in a car shop. It doesn’t roll, right?!

Choosing what you will sell also influences the money you will receive, delivery logistics, stock, return, packaging, and so on…


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look at the neighbor’s grass


If you want to be successful selling on the internet, you need to know your competition. 

You can start with Google! Name stores you already know are competitors and see what they are doing. How they sell, communication, social media, price, see it all, tin-Tim by tin-Tim.

If you can’t remember the names of many competitors, a good way is to Google it in a very straightforward way. (Let’s continue with the chocolate example). You can search: online chocolate stores, or buy chocolate online, and the results will be your competitors. 

Go in faith! Google will definitely help! 


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What is the price of your product?


In addition to the values ​​related to the product itself, such as production costs and taxes, the fee per sale charged by the eCommerce platform you are going to use usually also needs to be added. 

But since I like to share the good news, I’ll tell you one! There is a way to not pay this fee. Bye! Calm down, no need to worry, because everything is 100% legal. Loja Integrada is a platform for your virtual store, which in addition to having a free subscription plan, does not charge a fee for sales, and does not charge in any plan. 

In other words, you can set up your e-commerce and start selling on the internet without paying anything for the store.


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How will you ship the product?


Choosing how to ship the product is very important. After all, nobody wants to have a headache when shopping online, right? Do some in-depth research on shipping options for your store. 

When you choose which e-commerce platform you’re going to use, they have built-in shipping tools that make your life easier. I have separated some questions you need to answer:

  • What carrier options will you offer?
  • Will the product be shipped by weight and location or will you work flat rate?
  • Is your shipping method based on the type of product? Is your product perishable?

BUT PAY ATTENTION! No more wanting to earn money by shipping your products.

Shipping cannot be a profit center and needs to be reasonable. This is because one of the reasons that most people give up on buying something is the shipping cost. 

Tell the truth, you yourself gave up on a purchase when you saw that the shipping cost was more expensive than the product, right?

As I said, there are e-commerce tools on the market that have shipping method options built-in or allow you to add your preferences really quickly – from free shipping to real-time calculated shipping.


Arriving happily to set up your company and discovering that it is 99% effort!


Secure amazing product photos and descriptions


Information is everything in this life! That’s why joining amazing photos of your products to super-complete descriptions is essential to succeeding with your online store. 

Don’t be lazy! Take care of the details!

put your mouth on the trombone

Maybe this trombone reference is a little old, but oh well! With almost everything ready, you need to think about how you’re going to tell the world about it. So, it’s time to create a marketing plan. 

The way your store will be known on the internet will make all the difference in the final result. So study hard! 

“Save me!, I don’t have time to study anything else”. 

So, my ward and my ward, you need to enlist the help of someone who knows about communication or find time to study. 

It’s not worth using this as an excuse! Communicating is just as important as choosing the product.

I think I managed to show the main points needed for those who are thinking of setting up a virtual store, they need to take into account, right? 

If you’ve made it this far, the most important thing now is to know that, if you think your moment to become an entrepreneur or entrepreneur has arrived, you’re not alone! Count on the staff of the Integrated Store and me LOGICAL! Strength in the wig!

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