After all, what is the bag? Called B3, the official stock exchange in Brazil completes 131 years!

Find out who’s who in the world of stocks: stock exchange, Bovespa, B3 – Brazil, Stock Exchange, Counter, Ibovespa, stock market…

Por Me Poupe!


I bet that every day you see on TV, listen on the radio and read in the newspapers that ‘the stock market has fallen, ‘the stock market is rising’, ‘the stock market is falling’, ‘the main stocks of the stock market’, among others expressions.

“What bag is this?”, you might ask yourself in all these situations, if you are not yet aware of the stock market or have not yet made investments – which is a shame, but I will always be here to explain everything and help when you need it, ok?




Stock Exchange

The stock exchange is the digital market environment where shares of publicly traded companies (public or private companies) and other financial assets, such as commodities and foreign currencies, are traded. There are currently more than 400 companies listed on the stock exchange.

This up and down that happens on the stock exchange is nothing more than the world of investments in full swing. In this video, the muse of finance, Nathalia Arcuri, explains how the stock market works and teaches beginners how to make money with stocks.



The official stock exchange of Brazil, called B3 – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão, is headquartered in São Paulo and is one of the main financial market infrastructure companies in the world, operating in the exchange and over-the-counter environment.

Founded on August 23, 1890, the Brazilian stock exchange turns 131 years old!




The stock exchange was born with the name Bolsa Livre, became Bovespa (São Paulo Stock Exchange), merged with the Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange (BM&F) and gave rise to the Stock, Commodities and Futures Exchange, and later from going through a modernization process, with product and technology innovation, in 2009, it became B3.

One of the largest in market value, with an outstanding global position in the stock market, B3 is a publicly-traded company – whose shares (B3SA3) are traded on the Novo Mercado (a select group of companies with the best levels of transparency and governance corporate) –, which integrates the Ibovespa, IBrX-50, IBrX, and Itag indexes, among others.


#FOR ALL SEE: Nath Arcuri saying “don’t you understand??”



The stock exchange is much older than the Ibovespa, short for the Bovespa Index, which was born in January 1968 and works as a thermometer for the stock market in Brazil.

Made up of the shares with the highest volume traded in recent months, the Ibovespa is the most important indicator of the average performance of the share prices traded on B3. Their numbers are monitored daily by investors and investors.


How does the stock market work?

Well, that’s a million reais answer, Me Poupeira! and Saver Me! And do you know why? Because that million can come in the form of earnings from investments in the stock market itself!

“How is it, Spare Me!? Are you saying that whoever invests in the stock market can earn a million?”

Yes and no! I’ll never promise such a thing out of the blue! As I always say, investments are part of a very wide universe, and to feel safe and secure to make the right investments, you need to study, get informed, always be on top of everything in the world of finance and investments to make the choices according to your goals and objectives.

And to help those starting, here I explain variable income and how to manage risks in the stock market. But if you’ve been getting information about stock investments and you’re “almost there”, but still have doubts about goals and would like to predict how much you can earn on the stock market, here I teach you about setting goals and choosing the best investment.



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