Achieving your financial independence will be easier after these tips

Have you ever thought about quitting working and living on income? In the week that celebrates Independence Day, I want to tell you that, it may not seem like it, but achieving your financial independence is possible, with knowledge and a lot, a lot of planning.


“Save Me!, but I’ve already left my parents’ house and manage my own money. I’m already independent.” I wouldn’t want to tell you, like, on the tin, but no, that doesn’t mean you’re already independent.


Being independent, contrary to what many people say out there, is not about paying bills. Being independent is about freedom. And when you understand that, everything gets easier. A person who has achieved independence no longer depends (of course) on anyone, not even his job, and lives peacefully on income. Basically, it’s when you can stop working for money and make it work for you instead.


“Ah, but this is going to be impossible for me, Spare Me!” It is not easy, my pupil and my pupil, the success of the mission requires a process (depending on the case, a little painful) of organization, the transformation of habits, and DISCIPLINE.


Now that you understand that this can be for you (if you want), I want to give you some tips that can make this dream your life goal.


Know where you are coming from


It sounds obvious, but it isn’t. Before thinking about anything, if you still don’t have, at the tip of your tongue (or pencil), everything that goes in and everything that goes out of your accounts every month, it’s long past time for you to get organized. Take a financial selfie: take your bank statement for the last few months, card statements and detail everything, I said EVERYTHING, what you earn x your living expenses. I don’t want to know about a photo using a filter, huh? Every expense, however low, is an expense.


Then define where you want to go


If you are Me Poupeira! or Saver Me! root, know that setting goals are essential. “At what age do I want to stop working? How much do I need to have a quiet life?” These are questions that you if you aren’t already, should be asking yourself. “Oh, cool, but I have no idea how to calculate this, Spare Me!” Lucky for you, I’ve already gone ahead. Here on the site, there is a simulator, ready to go, to help you plan the first steps of your freedom.


Search for references


A millionaire mind must mirror other millionaire minds. “And what does it mean?” That you need to find someone (if close even better) who has already achieved financial independence and to use as a reference. You will see how this kind of inspiration makes all the difference.


Enough of waste, my daughter!


Clothes you haven’t worn in months, products you don’t need but bought and left lying in the closet, and everything you know you don’t really need (I know you know) fall into a waste of money. Getting rich in this incarnation, as I said, requires changing habits, which, calm down, are there to be changed. In this video, Nath lists some of the things that ruin your money without you taking the time to figure it out.



Invest! Including knowledge


To make your money work for you, you need to give your investments a chance (for once!). If you haven’t started yet, now is the time. “But Spare Me!, there’s nothing left, how am I going to start?” CALM, it is possible to start small with dedication and organization. Do not know what to do? Start investing in knowledge: make a Netflix and understand more about this universe, which is no seven-headed beast.

There are different types of investment and I’m sure one of them will fit your profile and goals. For starters, I’m going to leave here a hot video, which came out on the channel, for you to see how it is possible to invest with a value of R$100.00.

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