5 Cheap Decorating Tips to Renovate Home in 2020!

Every year it’s the same thing…You want to change something at home, redecorate, but you think it costs too much to change the look of your house. We explain to you that it’s not like that!

By Viva Decora

2020 has started for good and we know what you’re thinking about… redecorating your house, doing something different, but… the money is always tight at the beginning of the year, right? IPVA, IPTU, school material, and other contents have the power to overturn any goal of redecorating the house. But do not need to be like that!

Viva Decora will show that you can follow the trends of the moment, even with cheap, cheap items!

Small changes can make a big impact!


#1 Invest in smaller ornamental items

At the beginning of the year, there are many expenses and you may end up not feeling safe or secure to spend money on decoration. No problem. Your home can be prettier, looking very up-to-date, just by exchanging smaller ornamental items.

A simple and inexpensive idea is to always buy the larger pieces of furniture in neutral colors – so they can be used as a backdrop for the rest of the decoration.

So, you can abuse colorful objects, printed, in fun and daring ways. All this gives personality to the environment, without spending a lot of money on it!

What can these items be? Cushions, vases, paintings, rugs, props, blankets, curtains, lamps, picture frames, books, cooking utensils, coat racks, live plant arrangements, and more.

Small objects can make a difference!

#2 Personalize e reutilize

What if you look at your house and realize that the problem is not the decorative items, but the furniture?

“Then there’s no way, you’ll have to spend it, right?”



No need to throw it all away and buy it all over again, no! What else is on the internet is a tutorial on how to reuse and give a new face to parts that you think are no longer good! If everything is in good condition, renew with what you like: new colors, new prints…

The coolest thing about it is that you can invite a friend or friend to do it with you! In addition to being cheap, this renovation can be fun!

One suggestion is to apply a new coat of varnish or paint over wooden furniture. Other elements can be covered with contact paper or fabric. And that upholstery can receive a cover or even a complete new upholstery.

Changing the look of old furniture costs less than buying new furniture. But there is an even cheaper alternative, which is to build parts from materials that would otherwise be disposed of in the trash. Thus, fair and beer boxes, pallets, cardboard, tin drums, coils for electrical cables, can become something different in your home!

You can reuse everything! And completely change the environment! (Cred: Buji Decoration Reuse)

# 3 Use and abuse niches, shelves, and basketry

Sometimes some areas of the walls may be left empty in the decorations. Are you going to leave it that way? NOT! This is your opportunity to change the face of the environment, without spending too much! You can put green panels, frames, or murals. You can also place shelves and niches for bookends, collectibles, and more.

Now, the floor area can also be put to good use. In certain areas of the house, such as children’s rooms, a bit of a mess is common from time to time.

But, when you want to put everything back in order, nothing better than having some elements like chests and organizer boxes. Basketry also helps with this issue, organizing shoes, towels, toys, hygiene products, and more.

Shelves are cheap options to make everything look different (cred: Mallemont Arquitetura)

#4 Cover the walls with color

An even faster and cheaper solution to change the face of the house is to work with the colors of the walls of the rooms. Old kitchen tile can be applied with colorful adhesives or tile.

In the hall, living room, and bedrooms, you can use fabrics and wallpapers. And in other places only ink. Emphasizing that the colors indicated as a trend for 2020 are ‘forest green’ and ‘ocean blue’.

Tablets and wallpaper make the difference for those who don’t want to spend! (cred: Open House)

#5 Purchase ready-made modular furniture

If after all this you still tell me that you still need to buy parts to redecorate the house…


Hence, in this case, your list might start with those little wilder decor pieces, like chairs, beanbags, benches, and stools. And only then, then, go to the bigger pieces. And even at this time, you can try to save.

Some manufacturers always keep in their catalog a huge variety of modules, with which you can compose various pieces of furniture for your home.

For example, wardrobe, bookcase, kitchen cabinet, and others. In this way, you can assemble something more following your taste and needs. And this can totally cost your pocket.

Modular parts can help give your home a different face (cred: Mallemont Architecture)

So, what did you think of the ideas? Ready to renew the look of your home? Comment here that we want to know what are your tricks to decorate without spending!

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