Parenthood: From Zero to Hero Back to Zero


Yesterday my son got his Frisbee caught on a very high branch of the tree in our backyard. 

Instead of feeling bad about it, we saw the removal of the Frisbee as our ultimate backyard challenge.  Massimo the 5-year-old, Rocco the 2-year-old and me the 30 something year old repeatedly threw balls and sticks at it to get it down.  Even my next door neighbor Ralph got into the action.

Unfortunately all of us failed and we did not get the Frisbee down from it’s high tree perch.

Today we tried a second attempt of the Frisbee removal.  I realized the best strategy was getting a heavy soccer ball and launching it from a squatting position and then tossing it as hard and high up as I could.

The first ball I threw successfully went high enough to hit the Frisbee and dislodge it a little.  My boys cheered at the sidelines and urged me to try again.  I went from “zero to hero” in their eyes and I was beaming.

Like a peacock I strutted and I confidently said, “Let me do it again!  I’ll get it down this time!”

Once again I held the ball , squatted, then launched it up as quickly and as hard as I could.  It hit the Frisbee again and the ball went down more quickly then it went up, right into the bright-eyed smiling face of my 2-year-old Rocco.


Suddenly his look of happiness disappeared, because the impact of the hard ball shocked and hurt him. 


There was blood everywhere and then Rocco threw up!  ball3

From a “Hero I went back to zero.”

Part of me was horrified because Rocco was hurt and another part of me couldn’t stop laughing under my breath because it was such a ridiculous situation.


Kids are amazing creatures in that they are very resilient.  Once I cleaned him up Rocco wanted to play outside again and figure out how to get the Frisbee from the tree .  Luckily for me Ralph, my neighbor, found a 15 foot long pole and easily saved the day. 

I repaid Ralph’s kindness with my stock of Guinness beer that I mentioned to you in earlier posts.

It’s amazing how in a span of a few seconds I was a “zero to hero and then back to a zero” in my kids eyes.

I am sure they will laugh at this day in the future!

Thank you for letting me share and have a great day!



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  1. Oh, what a Momster you are!

  2. Oh to be a kid again and be able to just brush off and get back to playing…I love the drawings.

    • Thanks for the compliments about the drawings. The plus side of spending my days with the kids is that I get to redo stuff I did as a kid!


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