I Hope to Win The Lottery in 2012


I am not much of a gambler.  The rare times I go to a casino I stick with the penny slot machines, and I still feel bad if I lose my pennies!

This year I am hoping and praying to win the Lottery. 

When I told a friend about participating in the lottery her first reaction was, “Which one?  Power Ball?”

I started to laugh because I wasn’t joining the money lottery where you could win millions of dollars.  My lottery was for the chance of entering “the much coveted” public magnet school of my choice.

Before having kids I never thought much of schools, especially public schools.  For most of my early schooling I was in the same private international school that had grades from nursery to high school.  Considering where you live because of the school district was as foreign as being a computer engineer or being born a boy.  I just did not think about it.

When we bought our house many years ago we did not even look at the school district.  We went on the look of the neighborhood and the feel of the house.  Also, decades ago Michael, my husband, attended the school district we currently reside in and it was amazing.  Today our school district has been redistricted so it has changed it’s boundaries, so we are keeping it as an option, but we want more choices.

It feels like only yesterday when Massimo had his first day of Pre-K 4.  DSCF1332

Now we are preparing his entry into kindergarten.  We want him to go to public school versus private school, but we have to seriously take a look again at our school district.

Which brings me back to telling you about the school district lottery.    Certain public schools are very competitive to get into.  The only way of entering is if you “win” a slot in their lottery.

Today I filled out the “lottery ticket” for Massimo, and while filling out the application I was a little confused because there was a section that said “race” and it specifically said to pick only one.  You had a choice of Black, Hispanic, White, Asian, American Indian or Other.

I wondered how it would effect Massimo’s chances if I showed him as “Asian” since I am Filipino, or “White” since Michael is Caucasian.  Would he have better chances of winning the school lottery as a minority Asian or majority Caucasian?  I was really in a cross roads because this is the very first time I have had to identify my child as one or the other.

In the end I defied orders and chose 2 races, Asian and White.  Choosing “Other” as a race seemed so impersonal so I did not give it any consideration.

Now I am crossing my fingers, hoping and praying that he wins the lottery and gets into the premier magnet school.

Announcement of “winners” still come out around May so I will keep you posted.

Thanks for letting me share with you!  I hope you have a wonderful day!



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  1. Praying that you get the slot!

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