My Wedding Dress Made of Pina–A Filipino Signature Fabric Made of Pineapple


It’s the start of the new year and what better way to get 2012 rolling than with receiving the wedding slide show DVD that my wedding photographers were suppose to give me almost 7 years ago!

On November 2011 I blogged about how I was jilted by my wedding photographers in 2005 and I never received my wedding photographs and other items.  Through Facebook I was able to track them down and the photographers and I are now making a peaceful resolution.  It’s better late then never!

Currently I am just waiting on a few other items, and my missing wedding photographer story will truly have a happy ending.


Looking at the slide show reminded me of my wedding, one of the happiest days of my life.  It also made me reminisce about my wedding dress and the amazing journey my Mom and I had together when it was being made.

At first I was going to just send my Mom my measurements so she could have a dress made and shipped to Connecticut.  My sister Angela convinced me that traveling to Manila and having the dress fitted and custom made would be such a better experience for my big day. 

In the Philippines the most coveted and indigenous fabrics that we have is called pina.  The leaves of a pineapple plant are transformed into the silk fabric.  It is very delicate and has a luxurious translucent quality.


The raw fabric is often dyed, embroidered and sewn with beads and crystal.  My dress was made by Patis Tesoro, a Filipina designer who is renown for her pina textile creations.  Before making the actual dress she makes an under garment/lining to ensure the best fit.


Her craftswomen diligently work day and night to make the most beautiful gowns.  They do all beading and detailing by hand.


I remember how my Mom and I would visit the showroom for the fittings.  We often made a day out of it because the traffic in Manila only allows you to fit a limited amount of scheduled appointments.  My dress was a rush order because I had to go back to the USA, but in 2 months Patis Tesoro made a dress that will always bring a smile to my heart. 

At the end of my Philippines vacation I not only got a dress made of our local pina fabric, but my Mom too had an original “Filipiniana” dress.  We also became much closer because of our journey in making the perfect wedding dress for my big day.


I love you Mom.  Happy 2012!



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  1. What a beautiful way to start the new year: resolution of a painful experience, and memories of a special time and event shared with your mother! May all of 2012 be filled with special moments and celebrations!

  2. Yvette Sincavage via Facebook

    One of the most beautiful wedding dresses i have ever seen!! :)

  3. What a beautiful dress. What wonderful photos! Love the first picture of you and your new husband!

  4. Yvette Sincavage via Facebook

    Well its true!! :)

  5. John D. Massey

    Your story was wonderful to read. I cam across it while researching fabrics and bridal dresses in the Philippines on Google. My wife is from the Philippines and my daughter Alissa is searching for a wedding dress. We are planning a trip home to Philippines in June. Could you please tell me. Where may I find Patis in the Metro Manila area? How much does it cost to have a dress fitted and made in just two months? We will be there from June 5th through August 5th. I would love to see my daughter in a native Filipino dress. Salamat ate!

    • Hi John! I am so happy you found my website. Patis Tesoro does the best handcrafted garments! Her specialty is Pina. Her contact information can be found in this link

      I am not sure about prices as the dress was a gift from my Mom. I am Facebook friends with Patis so I will send your email to her.

      Your daughter Alissa and your wife and you will be so happy with Patis’ attention to detail. She is really the best in her trade. Also, as a bride it is so wonderful having the personal fittings. It is so much better than off the rack!


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