Is Bedwetting Hereditary? I Admit It, I Was a Late Bed Wetter


My clearest wetting accident (peeing in my pants) happened when I was about 5 years old.  

At that time my family moved away from the Philippines for a couple of years and we were living in Las Vegas, NV.  (We were one of the original Vegas immigrants who settled there before Vegas became the cool place it is today.  I’ll talk about it in a future post.)


One day my parents decided that we would go on a road trip to Los Angeles, CA.  This is typically a 5 hour drive, but with kids and breaks it could be longer.

During a gas stop my Mom asked my sister and me if we had to go to the toilet since we would not be stopping for a long while.

I hated gas station bathrooms at age 5 till today because I have this perception that they are not clean.  I told my Mom that I did not have to go even if my bladder was really full.

She left me in the car while she brought my sister to the bathroom.  While she was away I had the best “pee pee” break in the car.  I felt so relaxed and happy, but that feeling lasted only for a short while because when I realized what I did I got scared.  I knew my Mom would be infuriated because I was really having a hard time getting potty trained. 

For non-potty trained kids it is the parents who suffer a little because of the constant clean ups.

When my Mom returned from the bathroom she looked at me and she knew what happened.  She did not yell, but her usual pretty, happy face became a sour expression.  Suddenly she tried reaching for me, so she could give me a little lecture before changing my soiled clothes.

I darted away from her and ran away.  Mom followed me.  For a few seconds we were running around the car and finally I ran under the car and hid.


While this comical scene was happening I could hear my sister and Dad laughing.  My Dad even had time to take out the video camera and film this cringe worthy moment.

Today, I laugh at this memory and I try to remember it when I expect my kids to be potty trained immediately.

Massimo was completely potty trained at age 4.  At 4-1/2 years old he regressed and started wetting his bed again at night so we had to put him in night time diapers. 

For awhile I was getting impatient and then I had to remind myself about my bedwetting past.  I remembered being chased around the car!

massimo I did it

A few days after his 5th birthday Massimo proclaimed that at night he would not need diapers any longer because he was ready to stop wetting his bed permanently.  It’s been a couple of weeks since he last used a diaper at night.  It looks like we are on the right track!

I am only human and I do get a bit frustrated at the bedwetting. I sometimes ask myself why I expect more from my kids when I wasn’t able to grasp the potty training concept at their age?

I am thankful that my first born is now potty trained again.

I hope you have a wonderful day!



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11 Responses to Is Bedwetting Hereditary? I Admit It, I Was a Late Bed Wetter

  1. Ah, been there with my own children–great blog!

  2. Running from Hell with El…it is the right of passage of every pareng!

  3. mom not the maid

    Have been down this road myslef and with my kids. Great story.

  4. mom not the maid

    Yes, we certainly do have those moments. Your story was so much like mine, only in our case the bedwetting lasted longer and yes it is hereditary and on both sides of the family too!

  5. mom not the maid

    Oh no, you shouldn’t feel alone. Many parents of bedwetters were bedwetters themselves. I think that those parents understand bedwetting better because they went through it themselves. I feel that the night time diaper is a big help because I had to wear one myself.

    • Hi! God Bless the night time diaper. We have been free of that for a couple of weeks but I want to wait till I really celebrate as there are always relapses. Have a great day!


  6. mom not the maid

    Hopefully it is at the end of it’s run. It does take time to become secure in the knowledge that it is indeed over.
    Hoping for a happy holiday season……..

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