Flying and Traveling With Kids Advice That I Live By After Getting Karma


It seems that every time I open the newspaper there is a new article about flying with kids.  This may be because the holiday season equals to high flying season.

The Wall Street Journal recently had an article about families being separated in a flight and others being expected just to have the unwanted back seating.

Flying now a days is a challenge when you are single, because of the security check in, delays, flight cancellations, etc.  It is not the relaxing get away of the yester years.

With a child or children the challenge escalates 100 fold because you are not only dealing with yourself, but with little individuals with distinct personalities.  Sometimes kids who fly can be in their best behaviors, but other times they may not be.


Kids as we all know, even when disciplined, have a mind of their own.

When we only had one child we would fly pretty often, and I even flew solo from Asia to America a couple of times with my toddler.  Now with 2 under the age of 5 it gets a bit tedious so we end up taking road trips more often.

Years ago a friend gave me a great tip when flying with young kids who become uncontrollable.  She said, 1.) Just ignore the passengers and airline staff giving you bad looks, 2.) Take a deep breath and keep repeating to yourself, “I will never see these people again!”

In other words, don’t sweat it!  This same tip can also apply when you are at a restaurant, library, movie theater, etc.

Too often adults forget they were kids and they have zero tolerance for those with children.


A classic example of forgetting about being a kid happened to me and I got major karma!  Before having my boys I remember one flight I was taking to Paris with my husband Michael.   Seated in front of us was a mother with her screaming toddler.  We were very nice about it, but we asked the flight attendant to move our seats since the flight was empty.


At that time I felt that the Mom was not doing much to control her child, but now that I am a Mom I see I was wrong.  Whenever my kids act up and won’t listen I think of that mother and child.  If I had a time machine I would bring myself back to that moment, apologize and try to help out instead of complain.

Remember, everyone was a kid at some point and most likely acted out.  It is not the child’s fault nor the parents fault when spontaneous bursts of energy or tantrums occur.  It is just a natural developmental stage that can happen to anyone.

Parents with kids have just as much right to be on flights. It is great training for the kids too.

Happy Thanksgiving in advance to all who are flying on a plane with and without kids.   For those with kids who misbehave remember to tell yourself, “I will never see these people again!”

For people flying without kids who have zero tolerance, remember that karma is a bitch!

Have a great day!



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  1. good post! we are about to travel with our twins on Saturday for the first time on a plane! yikes… thanks for the reminder that “we’ll never see these people again”!

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