My Kids Say, “Mom You Are Mean!”–How a Parent’s Shield is Love



 Lately my first born Massimo, my love, my sweetheart has been saying, “Mom you are mean!”.


My baby Rocco, who is just learning to talk mimics him and I get a, “Mom you’re mean!”, from him too.


Kids don’t realize it but words can hurt, but since Massimo is only 5 and Rocco is 2 I am being extra patient.  I know that Massimo is only testing his boundaries, and Rocco is being a parrot.

I remember when I was a kid, and into early adulthood, I use to give my parents a hard time.  Sometimes in my head I was thinking they were being mean.  What I am going through is normal behavioral development, and  something that every parent goes through at one time or the other.  It is just part of the parental territory as they say it!

I realize that I just have to take it with a grain of salt and humor.

A parent’s shield from their child’s harsh words is love.  I love you Massimo and Rocco.

My new mantra aside from, “I choose happy now”, is “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”.


I hope you have a wonderful day filled with happiness!



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  1. Lisha Perry Fink via Facebook

    They don’t appear to you, but they appear to your subscribers! :-)

  2. So true…and as long as the “meanness” makes them better people in the long run, keep on keepin on.

  3. Thanks for clarifying Lisha. I felt like this was an itch that I couldn’t scratch! @Maegan, I know what you mean about hoping that the “meanness” makes them better people in the long run. I am willing to take it then.

  4. Louise, that was lovely. Thank you for sharing it!

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