I Tell My Kids to Tell the Truth, but Why Do I Lie to Them to Get Through the Day?


I believe in telling the truth.  I even try to stay away from white lies because they technically are still the avoidance of the truth.  In my daily adult life I avoid lies and people who lie.

A lie can usually start a chain reaction of lies so I try to avoid the “L-word” at any cost.

I teach my kids not to lie, but why do I lie to my kids?  Yes, they are white lies, but I still lie to them none the less.

For example, Massimo and Rocco love soda.   When I was a kid I was not allowed to drink soda so I have tried to follow the same ways.  Since I am an adult I will have the occassional pop beverage.  When my kids see my bubbly drink they are typically all over me yelling, “Sip…sip…sip!  I want some!”

My latest lie to counter the soda debacle is telling my kids that any drink I have that’s fizzy is beer.  At least for now Massimo and Rocco know not to drink beer so it stops the soda pop arguements.

My white lie - "Kids this is beer, not soda pop"

I sometimes wonder when my lying to the kids will stop.  I know I can not keep on lying to my boys forever, but right now it seems to be the easiest way to appease them.

Top 10 Lies I tell my kids:

1.  The park, playground, Ikea, Starbucks, kid’s museum is closed.

2.  Your friends are all napping so you can’t see them.

3.  When we have to leave and they do not want to go I act like I am leaving.  I start walking out and I say, “Bye bye.”

4.  You won’t grow if you don’t eat your vegetables.

5.  I’ll tell your teacher that you aren’t behaving!

6.  You want ice cream, ice pops, chocolate chip cookies?  I don’t know what happened but they all got spoiled and rotten!

7.  That toy, TV, computer, DVD, stereo, is broken.

8.  When we are at the store and they want me to buy something I tell them I don’t have the money with me.

9.  When a loud toy stops working (to my joy), I tell them we don’t have any batteries in the house.

10.  When I am tired and don’t feel like doing my kids bidding, I just tell them I didn’t hear them.

What “white lies” have you told lately and do you feel that they were necessary to use?




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  1. Yes, that’s a great idea for your science project. (Truth, it’s an EASY idea. )

  2. m

    Grownups used to tell me they were going to work, when they wanted to go to somewhere fun without me. I always told myself I would not tell those lies to kids, but I have broken that promise.

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