My Wise Aunt’s Advice on Being Sick: “Don’t Chase After Every Cure.”


My Dad had a favorite cousin who coincidentally was one of my favorite aunts.

When Dad was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer she visited him.  My aunt, a cancer survivor herself, said, “Don’t waste your energy chasing after every cure.  Enjoy the time you have right now.”

My Dad listened to her words, but since it was still the beginning of his battle he did chase some cures.  One of the most unusual cures was visiting a faith healer named Brother June.  When he saw my Dad he said that there was a curse, and he could take it away, and my Dad would be healed. 

At first Brother June said he was “helping” sick people because it was for the love of healing the sick.  Later on we realized it was for the love of the mighty dollar!

In one ceremony the healer had smokey incense and he told us to chant some words and close our eyes.  Since I had my doubts about him from the beginning I was only pretending to close my eyes.  Thank goodness I did because I saw him take some bloody guts from his pocket and put it on my Dad!  I know my Dad was sick, but the situation actually made we want to giggle because I caught him!

When he told us to open our eyes he pointed at the blood and guts and said it came from my father.   When you are a person who is grasping at answers you hope that even charlatans are true.  In retrospect it was a pretty funny situation because after his ceremony Brother June tried to get us to give him money.  Since I saw what he had in his pocket and up his sleeve, we knew he was just a fraud.

Which brings me back to what my favorite aunt told my dad, “Don’t waste your energy chasing after every cure.  Enjoy the time you have right now.”

From that point on my Dad did not chase after every cure.  What he did was work on his final days.  He asked my Mom for forgiveness and reunited our family once again.

My Dad’s favorite cousin was able to see that her words gave him strength and peace till his final days. 

What we didn’t know was that when my aunt was advising Dad, her cancer had returned and she was diagnosed as terminal.  At the time that my aunt was being selfless and giving her cousin strength and advise, she was also losing her bodily battle.

Last year my aunt died of cancer.  The legacy of her advice and words still live on.  She helped give us strength, peace and happiness.



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  1. Amy

    What a sweet story. Your aunt and father sound like amazing people.

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  3. Tita Elen was the best Tita! I miss her! We are so blessed to have her as a Tita. She gave the best advice.

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